Economic Revitalization

The 3rd district faces economic challenges, including unemployment, stagnating wages, and a need for economic revitalization. I intend to focus on promoting small business growth by offering tax incentives, streamlining regulations, and fostering an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. By encouraging investments in infrastructure projects and sustainable industries, Berthony aims to generate employment opportunities and foster economic growth that benefits all communities.

Education Reform

Education is a crucial component of Maryland’s future, but disparities in the quality of education persist. I propose a comprehensive education reform plan that prioritizes increasing funding for public schools, investing in teacher training, and expanding access to quality early childhood education programs. He aims to bridge the digital divide by promoting technology integration in classrooms and ensuring equal access to educational resources for students from all backgrounds.

Justice and Police Reform

Police reform and racial justice issues have been at the forefront of public discourse, demanding urgent attention in Maryland. I plan to work towards meaningful criminal justice reform, focusing on community-oriented policing, training, and accountability measures for law enforcement. Additionally, I advocate for bipartisan initiatives to address systemic inequalities and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Healthcare Disparities

Maryland, like many states, confronts healthcare disparities, with access to quality healthcare often varying depending on income and location. My approach involves advocating for policies that increase access to healthcare facilities in underserved communities, reducing medical costs, and supporting initiatives to enhance preventive healthcare measures. Furthermore, I plan to foster public-private partnerships to improve healthcare infrastructure in rural areas, ensuring equitable medical services for all residents.